The IFIP Domain Committee on Information Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction (DCITDRR) has the honor to announce its 3rd IFIP Conference on Information Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction (ITDRR 2018),
September 20 - 21st, 2018, Poznan, Poland.

ITDRR-2018 is co-located with the 24th IFIP World Computer Congress (

The effects of disasters are very serious and the destruction caused may take a very long time to recover. Related damage is severe and it may cause relief expenses of billions of euros. With the increase of natural disasters that have occurred in the past years, it is expected their frequency will continue to increase in the coming years.

Due to disaster risk reductions multidisciplinary nature, people from various backgrounds, such as industry, diverse geographical and global settings, not-for-profit organization backgrounds, agriculture, marine life, welfare, risk management, safety engineering and social networking services will be included.

At present, at global and national levels, a wide range of multiple scientific and scientific-applied research activity in the area of disaster risk reduction concerning individual types of disasters is conducted. Modern information and communication technologies can facilitate significantly the decision-making processes from the point of view of disaster risk reduction.

ITDRR-2018 provides an international forum for researchers and practitioners to present their latest R&D findings and innovations. The conference is especially focused on the various IT aspects and challenges of copying with disaster risk reduction. ITDDR-2018 invites experts, researchers, academicians and all other who are interested to disseminate their work. The conference establishes an academic environment that fosters the dialogue and exchange of ideas between different levels of academic, research, business and public communities.



Co-organized by:

Science Research Center for
Disaster Risk Reduction
University of National and World Economy
Sofia, Bulgaria

Supported by:

C & H

Creativity & Harmony Society

Sofia, Bulgaria